BlogLovin Followers – Instant Way to Gain Recurring Traffic

BlogLovin Followers – Instant Way to Gain Recurring TrafficWhat is BlogLovin?

BlogLovin is a website designed specifically to solve one simple but annoying problem. Do you have a list of websites you visit every day? Imagine how you have to remember ten different website address and check them one by one so you can read the latest posts. It’s a tedious work and everybody will love a solution of this simple problem.

BlogLovin allows you to add your favorite blogs to their system and give you notification whenever a new post published. No more typing manually, no more cluttered bookmarks on your browser. All you need to do is go to BlogLovin and see if your favorite blogs have something new for you.

Maybe now you realized that your favorite blogs built on different platforms. Does BlogLovin allow you to add any blogs? Don’t worry, BlogLovin supports any type of blog including Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and TypePad.Basically you can add any blog despite of the platform, wow! All you have to do is following and add them to your feed. If there are new blog posts, you can easily click on the post title and you will be able to read the post.

Benefit for bloggers

What if you are a blogger? How BlogLovin benefits you? To answer those questions, you have to know the answer of this question, what is better than traffic? It’s recurring traffic. We all know that old habits die hard. I love to wake up to a cup of coffee and some blog posts to read. Every BlogLovin user does too. If someone follow your blog on BlogLovin, as long as you update your blog regularly, the chance of your blog is visited is higher.

Imagine having thousands of follower waiting for your blog post every day, isn’t that the dream? Now you can focus in delivering the best content for your blog and everyday people will visit your website with no additional work.

The hard way

The real question is how to increase the number of your follower on BlogLovin. You can do this by promoting your profile. You can add a BlogLovin widget to your blog letting your readers know that they can easily follow your updates via BlogLovin. If you’re using Blogger/Blogspot platform, you will need to log in to your dashboard and click Layout. Choose where you want to put the widget and click Add a Gadget. Choose HTML/Javascript, paste the code you get from BlogLovin widget page (, and click Save.

WordPress users should not be worry since it’s pretty easy to add BlogLovin widget to their blogs. Login to your dashboard and click Widget (under Appearance). Drag HTML/Text widget to an available widget area and paste the BlogLovin widget code. And now you’re ready to promote your profile. If you have Facebook account – and you should – you can connect it with BlogLovin so you can share your blog updates.

Now your task is writing a blog post about benefits your reader will get if they follow your blog on BlogLovin. You can write it as a review or maybe a tutorial, or both! If you choose to write both, make sure to link from the review to the tutorial so your readers are able to take action immediately.

To increase conversion from reader to BlogLovin follower, I have one tip: incentify your reader with relevant items. Incentive doesn’t need to be money, it can be something as simple as merchandise to more valuable gift cards. The important thing is that it’s relevant to your blog. If you have a make-upblog, you can host a mascara giveaway. There are many incentification methods, one of the most effective one is a raffle. You can use rafflecopter to make a giveaway in 10 minutes. The best feature of rafflecopter is that you can limit the participant of raffle only for your BlogLovin follower. This way you will find an increase up to 50% in your conversion rate.

The easy way

Now you know the hard way to gain more followers on BlogLovin, I’ll tell you the easy way. Basically people follow other people. If you see a high rated movie on Netflix you will be curious and interested watching that movie. Why? Because you know many people like it and you assume that you will like it too. Using this logic, people tend to follow you on BlogLovin if you already have at least 100 followers. I’m sure you don’t want to follow blogs that are not favorited by anyone. But if you see a blog with, let’s say, 100 followers, you will say “Maybe I will like this too!” and give it a try.

It’s not easy to get 100 followers if you start from scratch. First you have to increase the number of your visitor and reduce that number by around 80% to get the number of your follower. But don’t worry, can help you to boost the number of your follower in a matter of days. Why this will work? Because people follow people! If they see your blog has more than 100 followers it will be easy for them to decide that they want to be on the same boat with your followers. And you have to remember that more followers mean more chances to appear at the popular section of BlogLovin and more chances to get recurring traffic!

Even better, they give you 100% money back guarantee so nothing to lose. In case you are not satisfied with the turnaround time, they will gladly give your money back or get you free services. And the best thing of all is that 99% followers will never unfollow or they will deliver you free followers. Now it’s time for you to decide whether you want a constant traffic every day without doing extra work or endless promotion to get every single visitor. Remember that may not be there forever due to heavy demand of blogging industry. This is your chance to get more recurring traffics and more money, use it wisely! 🙂